Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Curious

If i had to ask you
How would you reply
Is it right to do
If it could make you cry
Because i feel so lost
And i want to know
But what would it cost
For the truth to show
So much is a mystery
And i shouldn't care
I should accept happily
This love we share
But i don't want to be
Clueless of what was
I'm happy you love me
But i wasn't the first
So can i just ask you
And would you just reply
But its something i wouldn't do
If its going to make you cry

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I know that i have been here before
Cigarette butts and ashes all over the floor
An empty whiskey bottle near my bed
A bad dry throat and an aching head
A taste in my mouth i can't describe
The dreaded outcome of yesterday night
A thousand sea-sickness in my tummy
And regrets for being such a dummy
I tell myself "never again, never again"
As i try my best to ease the pain
But i know i'm only fooling myself
Because i still have a full bottle on my shelf


What must it take for some to understand,
There's no perfect woman, no perfect man.
Just two people perfect for each other,
Sharing their tears and sharing their laughter.
If you listen to the rumors and the claims,
Your image of the one you love may get maimed.
So what if they're true and what if they're lies?
The more you think, the more you'll realize,
What matters most is you love each other,
Not what others say about your lover.
One will always have something to say
And try to make your blue sky gray.
You see, to the loveless and the lovelorn,
Because they are jealous, your love is a thorn.
But i will tell you this, do not fall in love
If u expect some divine perfection from above.
Love isn't about being flawless or being perfect
Its more about holding on because its worth it.
Love that person, imperfect and flawed
Give it a shot, why not give it your all?
Because no one's perfect and lovers will fight
But true love will always shine through the night.
And many more fights and arguments may come
But if you have love, then love will overcome.
So you're not perfect, neither is the one you love
As long as you're perfect for each other, you're perfectly in LOVE.


She got me to pray again when i had lost faith
She fills me with love and drowns away the hate
She pushes me to be the best i can be
She goes beyond all limits just for me
She makes every second of life worthwhile
And it gets even better whenever she smiles
She's an ANGEL who walks upon the ground
She cheers me up when i'm feeling down
She's my light when its too dark to see
She's the one who's always there for me
She rights my wrongs and heals my pain
In a crazy world she's the one who keeps me sane
She's given me so much but asks for nothing
She's all i have, all i'll ever need, she's my everything!!!